✒Kinky Poetry Hour✒: “Deep Thoughts” (Poetry Reflection)

“Deep Thoughts” By: SafferMaster (January 8th, 2020)

Kinky Poetry Hour #2

I was thinking about my life recently. The amazing way I am living today, and the journey I have been on. And I have to say that my life today is unlike anything I would have predicted just a few short years ago.

I created a fantasy life as an illusion. And now I am living it.

How can that be? you ask…

Well, consider this…I grew up in Africa and came to the US at age 18. I had an unremarkable vanilla life living with what Zorba The Greek described as “…the full catastrophe”. I had a wife, a dog, a house, a business and several children….the full catastrophe. For 35 years.

Then something happened. In one six month period, I lost it all. My dog of 16 years died, then 4 days later, my mother died. two weeks after that, my house flooded. As soon as I got that repaired, my wife told me she was leaving. At about that time, I closed my business of 30 years and then my wife and I got divorced and my kids stopped talking to me.

I was incredibly lonely.

Life seemed unreal. My world was upside down. The ordinary life I had been living was turned on its head.

I took on a new career, and set about getting complete in my divorce. I registered for and completed the Landmark Forum and I spent the next 3 years or so putting myself at issue.

Somewhere in there I created a new life to live. One filled with possibility. It was a beautiful illusion.

My illusion centers on the partnership of a willing collared submissive masochist with whom I am completely aligned where together we create a world of abundance and a life of joy, happiness, kink and fun. I postulated a 24/7 TPE as the construct for our relatedness, with the orientation that I would train her to be my “ideal sub”.

It’s worked out better even than that…

Today, my life includes a 24/7 TPE with CollaredSable, my sweet sub whom I love to bits. She and I are creating a life of abundance filled with joy, happiness, kink and fun. No training required. We are collared.

I imagined a life and out of the ashes of my past, a new existence has come into being leaving me speechless at times with no words left to describe the experience.

I understand why people turn to poetry for expression.

This is the Place” (by Christine Rogers Odell)

The joining
of your soul to mine
You feel it
My heartbeat
Through your lips
My breath
Like painting light
Across your body
Tracing bliss

Of knowing
You are mine
Of mixing
With desire
Of sacred acts
Older than memory
Of feeling
Your soul
Blend and curl
Under your skin
Letting me in
Meet me
In the place
we both know
is Home
Where I

Belong to you
With names
I cannot remember
My aching heart
Longs to surrender
To everything
Without fear
Meet me here

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