KINK IN THE NEWS: The Doctor Will Saw You Now! New Exhibition Lifts The Lid On Medicine’s Gory Past

By: DAILY MAIL REPORTER (March 25, 2009) in

“Before the modern era, to be seriously ill was to enter a world of almost unimaginable pain, misery and often grotesque medical ignorance. The diseases were bad enough, but the treatments were often far worse.”

The Doctor Will Saw You Now! New Exhibition Lifts The Lid On Medicine’s Gory Past

British Anti-Masturbation Device (Late 19-Century)

  • “In the West, until quite recently, masturbation, particularly among males, was thought to rob the body of vital fluids and energy. This model was worn as a codpiece and was designed to be worn under clothes.”

Jugum Penis

  • “This evil-looking contraption was designed to waken a male sleeper should an erection occur. It was part of the drive against the ‘moral weakness’ that was masturbation, which was thought to be a source of mental and physical ill health.”

Domestic Enema Machine

  • “In certain credulous circles, it was thought that squirting various liquids up your bottom would rejuvenate the body and even revive a flagging sex life. Today the same practice, now known as ‘colonic irrigation’ is once again fashionable among certain classes.”

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