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Publications and presentations by Lady Petra and/or SafferMaster via Lady Petra’s Playground.

šŸ“¢Publications By My DominantšŸ“¢: What Is The Appeal of Cuckholding?

By: SafferMaster (August, 2021) in Dark Side Magazine What Is The Appeal of Cuckholding? (August 2021) šŸ˜ˆWhat is the Appeal of Cuckolding – Darkside Magazine – August 2021šŸ˜ˆ What is the Appeal of Cuckholding? This is a really interesting topic with lots of variants. There are 3-points of view on this. The Hotwife, the cuckold…

šŸ“¢Publications By My DominantšŸ“¢: Living in a 24/7 TPE Dynamic

By: SafferMaster (July 5, 2021) in Kink Weekly REVIEWS: mistressmoon says: “Adore your work xoxo.” SafferMaster says: “Thanks. Thatā€™s very sweet of you to say. I will add that I have written extensively on Fetlife about our dynamic.” newtothis says: “Can there be a handler pet 24/7 dynamic?” SafferMaster says: “What is very cool about kink, is…

šŸ“¢Publications By My DominantšŸ“¢: Kink and Ethical Non-Monogamy

By: SafferMaster (May 14, 2021) in Kink Weekly REVIEWS: TonyTopHeavy says: “Quite helpful! Do you find that most kinksters are also poly?” SafferMaster says: “That is a great question. There is a high tolerance for ethical non-monogamy among kinksters, but polyamory and non-monogamy are not the same thing. I think that there is about the same…


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