I am a switch and I live in a 24/7 Total Power Exchange (TPE) with my Dom. My Daddy, Saffer Master, collared me after a year of cohabitation during which time we created the relationship we have today. Life occurs as a possibility and it’s with that context in mind that we have created LADY PETRA PLAYGROUND.

I am a life-long professional coach, I didn’t choose this, LADY PETRA PLAYGROUND chose me. What we have created is a process to support kinksters in their search for their ideal partner with whom they are fully aligned and committed to.

The contrast between what I existed within in my past relationship to what I have created with my Daddy now is extraordinary, it’s the difference between night and day. The process we went through to create our ideal relationship is the framework for this program. I am excited to contribute to your experience of creating your ideal relationship.

LADY PETRA PLAYGROUND is where you go as a kinkster to get personal relationship coaching so that you can successfully find your ideal partner or enhance your existing relationship. Imagine living with complete freedom. Freedom from the stories inside your head that you are not good enough, or that you are unlovable. Imagine finding your loving counterpart in reality.

We are a kinky D/s couple living a created life exploring the rabbit hole together, we are completely aligned. The relatedness, connection, affinity and love that is present is remarkable and extraordinary. We are both lifelong transformation coaches and we are committed to coaching you to find what we have found with the partner of your dreams.

This is LADY PETRA PLAYGROUND. A three-tiered coaching program that is 100% designed to guide you as you create the relationship of your dreams. You will find yourself naturally in action and loving every minute of the process. Discovering your authentic self reveals the truth about who you are and propels you into your future with ease, effortlessness and joy. We offer 4 programs for Domination and/or Coaching: (Task-A-Day: Online Domination, Task-A-Day Coaching, Group Coaching & Personal Coaching)

We invite you to join us.

💜Lady Petra💜

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