Coaching & Dominance

This is LADY PETRA PLAYGROUND. A three-tiered coaching program that is 100% designed to guide you as you create the relationship of your dreams. You will find yourself naturally in action and loving every minute of the process. Discovering your authentic self reveals the truth about who you are and propels you into your future with ease, effortlessness and joy.

Below are the 4 options for Domination and/or Coaching: (Task-A-Day: Online Domination, Task-A-Day Coaching, Group Coaching & Personal Coaching)

Task-A-Day: Online Domination

This is a process of receiving coaching from both Lady Petra & Saffer Master for daily “DO” tasks online. Those participating will earn the good graces of both Lady Petra & Saffer Master by obediently completing daily tasks. Dutiful submissives will earn hierarchical endearment significance and levels of submission (i.e. chastity, key holding, protections, mentoring, etc.). We are excited to take on anyone interested in our domination.

Task-A-Day Coaching

This is a 90-day self-guided coaching program for both Dominants and submissives. Task-A-Day Coaching through reading, writing or doing gives you deep insights into your inquiry.

Group Coaching

Here you work in a small group to get present to the 12-key distinctions we have identified as critical to understanding and revealing the truth about who you are in relationship.

Personal Coaching

One-on-One Personal Coaching is designed to put you in action. The intention of personal coaching is that you create the relationship of your dreams. In coaching, you are guided to create an illusion, to make a declaration, to get into action and to do it all with integrity and authenticity and in a manner that is completely effortless. The intention of personal coaching is to propel you to your ideal future with ease, effortlessness and joy.

Client Reviews

🤍”So far I am enjoying these daily tasks and already learning more about myself. I am looking forward to learning more and becoming the best sub I can be. As this a personal growth thing for me, as well as learning more about submission, I am journaling it all in my notebook and making extra notes about how my thinking process changes as I work through each task. The first task was tough for me, lots of self-esteem issues, but I processed it. By the end of my 10 words I was happy to see it was a 50/50 split of harsh words and positive words. So thank you for setting these tasks and making me think a little harder about things.” malleegirl3 (March 22nd, 2020) c/o “Task-A-Day Coaching”🤍

🤍”I am very much enjoying these tasks. It is my daily “escape” that I look forward to every day. Thank you!” Nightnavigator (May 7th, 2020) c/o “Task-A-Day: Online Domination”🤍

🤍”Over the last 3 months i have learnt to take time to look at what I need and what I want in life, in my work life and personal life. As much as I feel uncomfortable putting myself first and having my thoughts on paper it has been a big benefit for my mental health. The few tasks that involved doing some act of submission, i.e. wooden spoon spanking, made me fully appreciate my role as a sub and I look forward to continuing on working on my submission lifestyle. Thank you Lady Petra for taking the time to provide this opportunity to help others.” malleegirl3 (June 28th, 2020) c/o “Task-A-Day Coaching”🤍

🤍”The tasks are going well, thank you! 🙂 I’m loving all the exploration and self-reflection and examination.” FlamingFlipskirt (August 15th, 2020) c/o “Task-A-Day Coaching”🤍

🤍“Lady Petra, Thank you for your message. I have enjoyed being several months in this program. …I think this is a great soul searching experience…Wishing you success and lots of enjoyment with your Daddy. I am a bit envious that you have been able to find such a great relationship. Enjoy and hopefully, our paths will cross again someday.” Nightnavigator (August 23rd, 2020) c/o “Task-A-Day: Online Domination”🤍

🤍“I have learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed the exploration! It was a great way to start exploring, especially during a pandemic, and I’ve come away with so many tools to use, not just in kink and relationship, but also in day-to-day life.” FlamingFlipskirt (September 30th, 2020) c/o Task-A-Day Coaching🤍

🤍“Thank you @Lady_Petra! You are an amazing teacher! I learned lots!” AlexaClark (October 2nd, 2020) c/o “Task-A-Day: Online Domination”🤍

🤍“I enjoyed the variety of tasks and how much some of them challenged me. I also liked the amount and breadth and depth of self reflection required, as opposed to just completing a task and moving on; it made it a really valuable process. The length of the process was also good; it was a good amount of time to really dive into things and do some exploration, but changing up the tasks every day kept it interesting. I felt like I gained a lot from it to apply to both relationships and life.” FlamingFlipskirt (October 13, 2020) “Task-A-Day Coaching”🤍


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