Q: Do I need to do the coaching in sequence, or may I participate in any of the coaching programs?

A: We have designed the program such that it will work and adapt to a client. The programming was designed to complete in order. However, you may certainly participate in any of the programs that fit your needs.

Q: May I complete more than one coaching program at a time?

A: Task-A-Day may be combined with either Group Coaching or Personal Coaching simultaneously. However, we do not recommend combining group coaching with personal coaching at the same time.

Q: Will you find me a partner.

A: No, Lady Petra’s Playground is NOT a dating service or matchmaker.

Q: Do you guarantee success?

A: You are our client. We are committed that you find the relationship of your dreams. And we are prepared to work with you as our client to bring that possibility into existence.

Q: What if it doesn’t work?

A: See the answer to the previous question.

Q: I want to participate in coaching, but I can’t afford it.

A: We invite you to seek a sponsor.

Q: How long must I commit to working with a coach?

A: For Group Coaching it is a 12-week program. For the Personal Coaching you may commit for as long as you like, with a minimum commitment of 3-months.

Q: If I’m already in a relationship, why would I need this service?

A: Without knowing anything about your personal relationship, we have come to learn that even couples in long standing relationships find that have space between them that is sourced in “stories” they have about themselves that are hidden from their view. Participating in this program will allow you to turn the relationship you have into the relationship of your dreams…if that is your intention.

Q: What if I am poly?

A: Polyamory still involves you being related to another person. So, in each case, creating the relationship of your dreams with each partner would be the intention. Thus, the coaching would be a valid choice for you as well.

Q: What if I am not kinky?

A: Being kinky is not a prerequisite for coaching.

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