Day: February 15, 2021

Kinky Cocktail Hour: Season 1 Episode 185 ūü•āDos Armadillo Anjeo Tequilaūü•ā

In this episode,¬†Lady Petra¬†and¬†Saffer Master review the movie ‚ÄúGoing Under‚ÄĚ over a shot of Dos Armadillo Anjeo Tequila. “Going Under” is a 2004 drama film about a married man and a partnered dominatrix who form a personal relationship and begin seeing each other outside her workplace. The film stars Geno Lechner and¬†Roger Rees¬†and was co-written…

Kinky Cocktail Hour: Season 1 Episode 184 ūü•āAperol and Limoncello Cocktailūü•ā

In this episode,¬†Lady Petra¬†and¬†Saffer Master discuss how to sexualize your D/s dynamic over an Aperol and Limoncello Cocktail. Podcast: Sexualizing Your Dynamic Our podcast may also be found on your favorite podcast directory or the RSS Feed below… Kinky Cocktail Hour RSS Feed Aperol and Limoncello Cocktail INGREDIENTS 2 oz.¬†Starr Blu Vodka2 oz.¬†Caravella Limoncello Originale4…


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