Day: March 18, 2021

Kinky Cocktail Hour: Season 1 Episode 212 🥂Strawberry Margarita🥂

In this episode, Lady Petra and Saffer Master chat with catsuit and bondage junkie Jon (HiThereCatsuit) about his journey and his wonderful podcast What Women and other Wonderful People Want over a Strawberry Margarita. Podcast Guest Resources: Jon What Women (and other wonderful humans) Want” Podcast Blog: Catsuit’s Journey Twitter: HiThereCatsuit (@hitherecatsuit) Twitter: What Women* (*and other wonderful…

Kinky Cocktail Hour: Season 1 Episode 211 🥂Hobnail🥂

In this episode, Lady Petra and Saffer Master chat with extreme masochist AdMelioraSemper (AdMelioraSemper) over a Hobnail. Podcast Guest Resources: AdMelioraSemper Book Suggestion: “Kushiel’s Dart (Kushiel’s Legacy Book 1)” MDDPainLabs: Extreme spiked paddle Podcast: The Mind of an Extreme Masochist 💌PODCAST LISTENER’S FEEDBACK💌 “Loved this podcast. AdMelioraSemper you did a fabulous job.” Mr_Tim3822 (November 25, 2020; S1 E211) c/o “Kinky Cocktail Hour”…

Kinky Cocktail Hour: Season 1 Episode 210 🥂The Witty Comeback🥂

In this episode, Lady Petra and Saffer Master discuss various power dynamics with Fit Miss over The Witty Comeback. Podcast: A Conversation With Fit Miss Our podcast may also be found on your favorite podcast directory or the RSS Feed below… Kinky Cocktail Hour RSS Feed The Witty Comeback INGREDIENTS 1.5 oz. Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur1.5 oz. Lemon🍋 Juice5…


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