📢Publications By My Dominant📢: What Is The Appeal of Cuckholding?

By: SafferMaster (August, 2021) in Dark Side Magazine

What Is The Appeal of Cuckholding? (August 2021)

😈What is the Appeal of Cuckolding – Darkside Magazine – August 2021😈

What is the Appeal of Cuckholding?

This is a really interesting topic with lots of variants. There are 3-points of view on this. The Hotwife, the cuckold and the Bull.

First of all, what does it mean to be a cuckold? The first use of the word “cuckold” is reputed to be in 1250 in the Medieval debate poem “The Owl and the Nightingale”. Many of Shakespeare’s characters suspected that they had become “cuckold”. The word derives from the cuckoo bird which has a habit of laying its eggs in other birds’ nests.

The cuckold is the humiliated husband of the “cuckholdress”, who in today’s vernacular, we refer to as the Hotwife, the adulterous wife who explores her sexuality outside of her marriage with complicit consent and even the active participation of her emasculated husband. Today, cuckholding is a fetish. The Hotwife lifestyle is an ethical non-monogamous power exchange lifestyle with a dominant woman and a submissive husband. For many, that is what appeals.

The Hotwife lifestyle is the ultimate female led relationship (FLR). That is the first and most obvious appeal for the couple. The dominant woman is a very sexy creature for a submissive man. The power that she wields in her personal dynamic carries over and gives her a lot of personal confidence in her worldly dealings. There is clearly the appeal of the simple power exchange that takes place between a dominant and submissive. From there, the appeal to the Hotwife lifestyle is bifurcated. On one hand she gets to explore her own sexuality to her hearts content with any man who can truly satisfy her while at the same time, she humiliates and emasculates her husband by denying him, sometimes putting him in (extended) chastity, sissifying him, and possibly, pegging him. She might even require that her cuck clean and perhaps serve as a fuck hole “gurl” for her Bull. There are dynamics that involve the deep subjugation of the cuck to “slave” status where he is simply the submissive play toy she gets to explore her dominance with. She might use bigger and bigger dildoes to peg him with, she might do CBT (cock and ball torture), she might fist-fuck him and she might use a paddle or other impact play toys on him, and all because she enjoys it. There are Hotwives who simply use their cucks for financial support while she cavorts around the world with her Bull at his expense. So, for her, at its core, the strongest appeal is the power exchange combined with her sexual self-expression, and there is something very erotic about the sexual domination of her husband, all of which are aspects of her own sexual self-expression.

For the cuckold, the draws are similar. Consider, you cannot have one without the other. They are opposite sides of the same coin. He is a submissive man who is sexually at peace as the lessor partner in a FLR, and he loves his wife and is a stand for her complete sexual satisfaction. Very often, he has a small or even a tiny penis, and he simply cannot bring his wife to orgasm. So, for him, a substitute penis is desirable. She might have had the experience of being fucked by a man with a large dick in her time and so she knows the difference. He is fully supportive of the pursuit and a lot of his sexual excitement is wrapped up in fantasy. He masturbates thinking about his wife with another man. He gets aroused when she sends him photos of her being fucked by a monster dick. He eagerly cleans up her cum filled pussy or ass wen she comes home. He sniffs her cum filled panties after her night of hot sex and he loves that he is denied and even caged so he cannot even express himself sexually without her permission. His sexual energy is directed at pleasing her. He does what she asks. If she tells him to “wear panties from now on”, he does. If she requires him to wear stockings and heels and lingerie when he is watching her Bull fuck her, he does. If she assigns him to clean up duty or fluffing duty, he does as he is told because it pleases her. One of the most powerful appeals of cuckolding for the Hotwife is the chastity and the denial aspect of chastity. I have met cucks in long term chastity. I am told by cucks that nothing clears the mind as much as having their wife serve as their key holder. Controlling his behavior through denial control is both super dominant on one hand and very sexy on the other. Orgasm after denial is immensely powerful, and the denial itself becomes addicting. She might restrict his release to a weekly (or less frequent) milking with two fingers of her gloved hand into a cocktail glass that he is to drink, and he will happily comply because as a deeply submissive man with a small cock, he loves his dominant wife whole heartedly. Many cucks I know are so aroused by their Hotwife being used by another man that they inflict pain on their cock while she is being fucked. Their lot is to be emasculated and humiliated.

The third person in the dynamic is the Bull. He can be a friend or colleague. He may know the husband personally. Very often, he is unknown to the husband and is someone the Hotwife has either seduced or been seduced by. What makes the Bull a Bull is that he knows how to bring a woman to mind blowing orgasmic climax. He can satisfy her in ways her cuck can only fantasize about. One reason is that he invariably has a good size dick. A massive dick is not a requirement, but one that dwarfs her husbands is very often the currency. A big part of the dynamic is that the cuck is submissive to both the Bull and the Hotwife, but the Hotwife may herself be submissive to the Bull. This was my reality. I fucked submissive women who were dominant over their cuckold. Although they may take on dominating the cuck together, I never did this. Be that as it may, I can attest that what the appeal is to the Bull is the simple chest puffing truth that as a Bull he fucks other men’s wives with no strings attached, and often while they watch. It’s very hot. Caged and denied as they are, they know he fucks their Hotwives and they can do fuck all about it, they may resent him for fucking their Hotwife and they have to live with it because they are the submissive in a FLR and that’s that. They may be thrilled that the Bull is fucking their Hotwife and If the Bull is so inclined, he may well use the submissive himself, to fluff him before he fucks the Hotwife, or to clean his cock off after he has fucked the cucks Hotwife’s pussy or ass, or on occasion to use the cuck as fuck hole for himself. Very often, it’s the Bull who drives the Hotwife to fully sissify her cuck to make him a pretty “gurl” for him to fuck. She may even sissify her cuck by making him wear a wig and makeup in addition to filly lingerie along with his cock cage to have him appeal to the Bull. I have heard of cucks who are encouraged by their wife to engage fully in transformation including hormone therapy and orchidectomy.

There is no one answer to this inquiry. Inside of the power exchange there are any number of variables that drive a man and a woman to make the choice for her to step out on him and for him to be OK with and even supportive of her doing so. From the very vanilla to the very extreme BDSM kink scenes, from mild sissification to complete transformation, the basic motivation boils down to this: She gets to explore her sexuality fully and he does too. She is encouraged to be promiscuous to her satisfaction and he is required to get related to himself as a devoted submissive. Even so, in some dynamics, the cuck may have reclaiming sex privileges. They may regularly have sex as well, but in that she is free to go out on him, and he is required to stay loyal to her, the dynamic is a FLR power exchange regardless of his access to her pussy. If you read the Hotwife message boards, you will find that there are as many variables in the dynamic as there are people. The Hotwife and cuckold and Bull are roles that are not tightly defined and that do not limit the options. A Hotwife’s Bull may be her lesbian lover for example. They may dominate the cuck together. My point is that the words are just labels and the color in the relationship is created in the playing out of the dynamic over time. One of the real appeals of the cuckold lifestyle is that it is an ethical non-monogamous lifestyle. There is generally good communication between the cuck and the Hotwife. Very often the couple first meets the Bull in person as a couple, and together they decide if the Bull is the right person to include in their dynamic. I know Bulls who require that the couple’s relationship be strong enough to allow an outside lover to bed the Hotwife. In that way the relationships are often quite healthy. I know of many long-lived cuckold couples who are going strong after decades of living the lifestyle.

The most significant challenge to the Hotwife/cuckold lifestyle is that she might fall in love with her Bull. When this happens, and the relationship switches from simple no-strings sex dynamic to a romance. Unless there is an agreement for a polyamorous aspect to the dynamic, the cuck is in danger of losing his wife. This sometimes happens. First, she starts spending more time with her Bull, then she starts fluid bonding and next thing you know she is sleeping over for the weekend then then she is starting to spend weeknights there too and next, she barely comes home. This is often very depressing to the cuck who physically abandoned, is left being financially dominated as she expects him to continue to support her and often her Bull as well.

The cuckold lifestyle is a sex forward lifestyle that allows a married dominant woman and her submissive husband to be related in an incredibly beautiful power dynamic that has all the elements of sexuality to explore from group sex to chastity to sissyfication to forced bisexuality, to hard core kink and everything in between. I think that in the end, that is the real appeal.

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